meet the team


Jovan Nedić

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Aeronautics, Imperial College London
M.Eng.(Hons.) Aeronautical Engineering, Imperial College London

Office: Macdonald Engineering, MD155
Phone: +1-514-398-4858


Anushka Goyal

M.Eng.(Thesis) Mechanical Engineering, McGill University
B.Eng. Aeronautical Engineering, Jain University

Research: Trailing vortex dynamics

Raphaël Limbourg

M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan
M.Sc. Engineering, École Centrale de Nantes

Research: Decay of turbulent vortex rings

Rubert Martin

M.Sc. Nuclear Engineering, Balseiro Institute (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo)
B.Sc. Nuclear Engineering, Balseiro Institute (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo)

Research: Turbulence and hydrodynamic stability of liquid cavities


Dimitri Calomiris

B.Eng. McGill University

Project: Modelling wall effects on quadrotor dynamics

Dylan Caverly

B.Eng.(Hons.) McGill University

Project: Wind disturbance rejection on VTOLs

Stephanie Hartlin

BASc Queens University

Project: Wind gust effects on quadrotors

Austin L'Ecuyer

B.Eng. McGill University

Project: Unsteady wind gusts and turbulence generation

Bachelor Honours

Sihan Li

Vortex shedding in oblique flows

Takiah Ebbs-Picken

Pertubation growth on rotationally imploding cavities

Summer Undergraduate Students

Projects are over a 16 week period from May to the end of August.