Low speed wind tunnel

2ft x 3ft cross section, 6ft test section
Max speed of 30 m/s
Background turbulence level < 0.5%

Vortex dynamics tank

2 m long, 0.75 m deep and 0.75 m wide
Vortex ring and vortex pair generator

Hot-wire anemometry

Single, two-component and vorticity probes | Wind Sensor Rev. P.

Particle image velocimetry

TR-SPIV system: Litron LDY 302 Laser, Photron WX50 cameras, LaVision DaVis 10.0

Force/torque sensors

ATI Gamma IP65 SI-32-2.5
ATI Mini40 SI-40-2
ATI Nano17 SI-12-0.12

Dynamic hexapod

Quanser six-degree of freedom motion platform accelerations of 1g, used for flight simulation and control

Pressure transducers

Scanivalve 64-channel pressure transducer | Furness Controls differential transducers

3D printers

Form2 3D printer with build volume: 145 mm x 145 mm x 175 mm. Layer thickness: >25 microns